Charitable Objectives

The WW2 Escape Lines Memorial Society (ELMS) is dedicated to the Helpers who organised the Escape Lines of mainland Europe and the Far East during World War 2 (WW2), and the Allied Escapers and Evaders who used them. The Helpers of the Escape Lines helped many Allies of many nationalities by sheltering, feeding, nursing and guiding them back to safety. The Escapers and Evaders were the Allied servicemen who found themselves stranded behind enemy lines and either evaded capture or escaped after capture. Our membership is international and comprises veteran WW2 Helpers, Escapers and Evaders, their families and friends, historians, researchers and others who are interested in our aims.

Our objectives are:

1. To promote good citizenship and to educate the public through contact with schools, universities and military and various other organisations in the history of the WW2 Escape Lines and the part played by the Helpers. ELMS operates on the collective archives of its membership. Information on Escape Lines history is available to anyone who is interested in this particular aspect of WW2, including routes for the retracing of Freedom Trails in mainland Europe and elsewhere in the world.

2. To provide relief and assistance to the Helpers, many of whom are now in need themselves.