Other Escape & Evasion Sites

Organisations and sites with links to Escape & Evasion

There are many organisations dealing with subjects linked to escape and evasion in WW2.

The following sites may be good places to begin research, and we would be interested to receive further recommendations

Eden Camp WW2 Museum


Hosts the ELMS Annual Reunion and is the location of the ELMS Helper Memorial. There is an Escape Line display that has been contributed to by members of ELMS. The museum holds a large archive of Escape Line material.

Chemin de la Liberte


The Chemin de la Liberte Association host a Freedom Trail over the Pyrenees which is symbolic of the many routes that crossed the High Pyrenees during WW2. They have a museum and archives dedicated to the history of the routes, the helpers and the evaders.

Ligne Comete


Comete Kinship is an organisation for members of Comete and their families. There are also associate members. Comete Kinship hold archive information on The Comete Line.

Comete Line


Research Group Philippe Connart
Michel Dricot
Edouard Reniere
Victor Schutters
Authoritative and extensively researched site – tracing all aspects of the Comete Line history

Les Amis de Comete


Les Amis de Comete host the annual Comete Freedom Trail, in SW France, as a commemoration of the work of the Comete Line. The walk is attended by both veterans and walkers.

RAFES [Frank Haslam]


The site records the history and key events of the Royal Air Forces Escaping Society up until its closure.

Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society


Membership consists of the veteran escapers and evaders of the USAAF of WW2, their families and supporters. They hold archive information on the escapes and evasions of members and on various escape lines and helpers.

Belgium Information[John Clinch]


A personal site specialising in information and research about escape, evasion and helpers in Belgium.

Possum Escape Line [Fred Greyer]


A personal site specialising in information and research about The Possum Escape Line.

National Ex-Prisoners of War Association

The John Weidner Foundation


This organisation specialises in information about the Dutch-Paris escape line.

WW2 Netherlands Escape Lines [Bruce Bolinger]


A specialist, personal site recording history and information about the Dutch escape lines.

Monte San Martino Trust


The MSMT hold information about Italian escapers, evaders and helpers.

Allied Special Forces


The Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove at the National Memorial Arboretum (Staffordshire) commemorates those who gave their lives serving with Allied Special Forces.

Frankton Souvenir


Information about Operation Frankton and the annual trail commemorating the operation.

Carpetbaggers Museum


Special Operations Museum

Il Sentiero della Liberta


Information about the Italian Freedom Trail, and archive information of POWs in Italy.

Coastal Forces Veterans Association [15th Flotilla pages]


Sea-based operations linked with actions of special forces and escape line networks.

Christopher Long’s Site[WW2 Pages]


This site is vast – there is a section on WW2 that includes information about the Pat O’Leary Line and other escape lines.

Yorkshire Air Museum


RAF Elvington – WW2 Bomber Station – Archive – Museum

SOE – French Section – Research [1940-1945]


International Tracing Service


Documentary evidence and records of the fates of victims of the concentration camp system and of Nazi persecution . Based in Bad Arolsen. Tracing service for families. Archives are available for research purposes.

Allied Special Forces Memorial Grove


The site of the ‘Memorial Grove’ to the Special Forces at the National Memorial Arboretum – Alrewas – also covers Resistance groups and Partisan forces.

100th BGMichael Moores LeBlanc


100th Bomber Group research. Includes pages on escape and evasion.

The Great Escape [392 Bomber Group in POW research pgs]


Interesting site – has comprehensive coverage of the Great Escape in the POW Research / Sagan / Great Escape pages

Coastal Forces


Details of coastal operations linked to escape & evasion

Brian Lett – Italian ResearchRossano


WW2 history – especially Rossano region of Tuscany. Italian escape trails – Rossano Trail.

First Aid Nursing Yeomanry FANY


Women’s auxiliary service – support to the armed services – codists, signallers, administrative staff, agents – worked with SOE. Have archive material and research.

The Second World War Experience Centre


A UK registered Charity which exists to collect and encourage access to the personal testimony of men and women who lived through the years of the Second World War and the promote the use of this material for education.

How to Flee the Gestapo
Searching for the Dutch-Paris Escape Line


Historian & researcher Megan Koreman provides updates on her extensive research on the Dutch-Paris Line for the Weidner Foundation

Basque Pyrenees freedom Trails Association


Commemorates the work of the WW2 escape lines in the Basque Pyrenees