Other Escape & Evasion Sites

Organisations and sites with links to Escape & Evasion

There are many organisations dealing with subjects linked to escape and evasion in WW2.

The following sites may be good places to begin research, and we would be interested to receive further recommendations

Eden Camp Museum – www.edencamp.co.uk

Chemin de la Liberté – www.chemindelaliberte.fr   

Ligne Comète Line Remembrance – www.cometeline.org  

Le Reseau Comète – www.evasioncomete.be  

Les Amis de Comète – www.cometepaysbasque.blogspot.com 

Royal Air Forces Escaping Society [RAFES] – www.rafinfo.org.uk    

Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society [AFEES] – www.airforceescape.org 

www.belgiumww2.info  – http://home.clara.net/clinchy/neeball.htm 

Possum Escape Line – www.possumline.net  

The John Weidner Foundation – www.weidnerfoundation.org 

WW2 Netherlands Escape Line – www.wwii-netherlandsescape-lines.com 

Monte San Martino Trust – www.msmtrust.org.uk 

Allied Special Forces – www.warmemorialsonline.org.uk/memorial/265134 

Frankton Souvenir – http://musee.delaresistance.free.fr/en%20ligne/dossiers/frankton/assoce.html 

Carpet Baggers Museum – www.harringtonmuseum.org.uk 

Coastal Forces Veterans Association – www.coastal-forces.org.uk 

Yorkshire Air Museum – www.yorkshireairmuseum.org 

Special Operations Executive Research [French Section] – http://soe_french.tripod.com

International Tracing Service – http://www.its-arolsen.org/en/homepage/index.html 

100th Bomber Group – www.100thbg.com 

The Great Escape [329 Bomber Group] – www.b24.net/pow/stalag3.htm 

Brian Lett [Italian Research] – www.brianlettauthor.com 

First Aid Nursing Yeomanry [FANY] – www.fany.org.uk 

The Second World War Experience Centre – www.war-experience.org 

How to Flee the Gestapo [Dutch Paris Line] – www.dutchparisblog.com 

Basque Pyrenees Freedom Trails Association – www.bpftaww2.com 

Shot Down in Denmark – www.shotdownindenmark.com 

Museé Maritime Carantec – www.ville-carantec.com 

Escape and Evasion WW2 – www.escapeandevasionww2.com 

The Escape Line – www.theescapeline.blogspot.com 

Legasee [Veterans Video Archive] –  www.legasee.org.uk 

National Archives USA – www.archives.gov 

National Archives UK – www.nationalarchives.gov.uk 

Camp 59 Survivors [Italy] – www.camp59survivors.com 

Forces War Records – www.forces-war-records.co.uk 

POW Vets – www.powvets.com 

Prisoners of War in Italy – www.powsitaly.weebly.com 

WWII ANZAC POW in Europe – www.aifpow.com 

Veterans – Canada  – https://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/remembrance/people-and-stories/ 

The Belgians Remember Them – www.belgians-remember-them.eu 

Aircrew Remembered – www.aircrewremembered.com 

The Pegasus Archive – www.pegasusarchive.org 

The BBC and WW2 – www.bbc.com [Search – ‘The BBC and World War Two’ – there are many articles]

WW2 Talk [Information Exchange] – www.ww2talk.com 

Royal Air Force Register of Associations [Squadrons] – www.associations.rafinfo.org.uk 

WW2 Database – www.ww2db.com 

The Survivors of Ravensbruck – https://www.peterghore.co.uk/ravensbruck 

Secret WW2 Learning Network   –  https://www.secret-ww2.net