Young ELMS Newsletters

The Young ELMS Newsletters

The most hated of all the regulations introduced in the UK during WW2 was the black-out which started two days before war was declared on 01st September 1939.

Sent to ELMS members quarterly, the Young ELMS newsletter goes through the Second World War in easy to understand ‘bite-size’ chunks.

Past editions include:

Edition 1 – Welcome to Young ELMS

Edition 2 – Evacuation

Edition 3 – Rationing

Edition 4 – Declaration of War

Edition 5 – The Battle of Britain

Edition 6 – Britain’s Occupation

Edition 7 – And the Lights go Out

Edition 8 – Christmas Quiz

Edition 9 – The kids did their bit too… The Youth Service Movement

Edition 10 – That’s Entertainment

Edition 11 – Edith Cavell – Helpers

Edition 12 – Escape… Part 1