Le Rhone

HMS Fidelity WW2 created many anomalies, mysteries and intrigues amongst the unusual organisations, agencies, individuals, Special Forces and private armies that evolved at that time. Records have been engulfed by

Jungle Escapes

Burma The priority in WW2 was Europe, and regrettably those who fought in the jungles of Burma considered themselves the ‘Forgotten Army’. Their task was tough, not only did they


ICI LONDRES was the BBC life line to our friends in occupied Europe. Helpers, Resistants and SOE agents would huddle around their covert radio sets in the evenings, expectantly awaiting their


Freda Moggridge The story I am about to tell covers a period of nearly 18 months, from my flight from Paris in June 1940 until my arrival in Spain at

Spain’s “Historic Memory” and Links with WWII

Geoff Cowling  HM Consul General Barcelona 2002/5 (retired)   In October 2007, the Spanish Parliament passed a controversial law “to recover Spain’s historic memory”, specifically aimed at researching and commemorating events

Donald Darling

MI9 ESCAPE Lines 1940 – 1947 There were many unsung heroes in WW2, working unseen to help the Allied cause. People who quietly, secretly and in personal danger assisted allied


Elizabeth Harrison Starting in 1941, an increasing number of British Airmen found themselves as involuntary guests of the Third Reich as POWs, and the Military Intelligence Services were looking for ways and

The Late Arrivals Club

Rog Stanton  The Late Arrivals Club was formed in Cairo in 1941 by Sqn Ldr George Houghton who, in a PR story, wrote about evaders and referred to an aircrew

The Last Post

Rog Stanton In years gone by the British Army relied on a system of bugle calls for communication. Each soldier had to identify all calls otherwise he was in danger

Dentist to the SOE

When ELMS members Clare and Steve Campbell were invited to visit the Hunterian Museum, a medical museum, in Holborn, London, where their friend Sam is Director, they had not bargained

Tangled Web

Newsletter No21 By Elizabeth Harrison This is the story of three generations of Frenchmen in the Lebé family from St Girons in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Andre Lebé is the curator

Tea In The Blitz

ELMS Newsletter 16 Dorothy Wakeley FANY / SOE In the summer of 1940, a stick of bombs was dropped near my home in an outer suburb of London. There were

The Men Who Never Forget

THE MEN WHO NEVER FORGOT During the first week in March in 1954, this was a headline that appeared in most British newspapers, both national and local, and as far

The Polish Escape Routes

THE POLISH ESCAPE ROUTES Rog Stanton There were Oflags and Stalags situated in Poland during WW2 from which many soldiers and airmen escaped. The Colditz escapers, and the Great Escape

The Two Pennies

After reading an article about an evader’s wartime story in a national newspaper a Dutch lady, living in England responded by ringing the newspaper, and asking for the name and