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Can you find all twelve words?

air force      army                  navy            resistance

spitfire        escape         evasion         evacuee

Gas mask      rations         victory          churchill

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1. Popular 1940’s dance from America2. Popular British entertainer (also 13 down)3. Name for a woman serving in the Royal Navy5. Anti aircraft gun6. Bombing of London and other large cities in Britain ordered by Hitler7. Month the war started in 19399. A woman who was sent to work on a farm12. Make do and _______13. Popular British entertainer (see 2 down)
4. Describes Germany under the leadership of Hitler8. Describes children sent to the country side10.Type of air-raid shelter11. ______ for victory14. A short name for an American soldier15. Where limits were put on items of clothing and food16. First name of British prime minister at the start of WW2  

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Spot the Difference

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Question 1. In what year did Hitler become leader of Germany?

Question 2. Who was Britain’s Prime Minister when war was declared between Britain and Germany?

Question 3. Which Country was second to declare war on Germany?

Question 4. What was the name for the German Air Force?

Question 5. How was the ‘V-1’ more commonly known?

Question 6. True or false – during the air-raids was Buckingham Palace damaged?

Question 7. What type of air-raid shelter did you need to dig into your garden?

Question 8. Under the rationing rules issued, socks could be no longer than how many inches?

Question 9. Finish this popular phrase – ‘Make do…’

Question 10. How many ration ‘coupons’ did it take to buy a pair of men’s shoes?

Question 11. What does W.A.A.F stand for?

Question 12. How much sugar could you get under weekly rationing?

Question 13. What were all evacuees required to have with them?

Question 14. On what date did the black out start?

Question 15. American Soldiers were referred to as ‘GI’s’, what does this stand for?

Question 16. Which London landmark became the symbol of the survival of London & Britain?

Question 17. Who said ‘Never was so much owed by so many to so few’?

Question 18. Which part of Britain was occupied during WW2?


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Quiz –

1. 1933
2. Neville Chamberlain
3. France
4. Luftwaffe
5. Doodlebug
6. True
7. Anderson Shelter
8. 9½ inches 9. ……and mend
10. Seven

11. Women’s Auxilliary Air Force
12. 8ounces or 225gms
13. Gas Mask
14. 1st September 1939
15. Government Issue
16. St Paul’s Cathedral
17. Winston Churchill
18. The Channel Islands