Comete 2016 Information


Thursday 8th September 2016

 Afternoon:     Arrival of foreign participants

8pm                   Informal welcome by committee members of “Les amis du Réseau Comète” at the Bar du Théatre, 14 Place de la Liberté, 64100 Bayonne (05 59 25 57 42)

Friday 9th September 2016

10.15am           Coach departure (54 seats) from Bayonne (rue Thiers – opposite the De Gaulle car park behind the Town Hall), then another pick-up at rue Amédée Dufourg (in front of the Town Hall) at Anglet.

11am              Gathering and Remembrance Ceremony at the War Memorial, Saint-Jean-de-Luz with laying of wreaths, in the presence of civic leaders.

11.30am           Vin d’honneur at the Town Hall, Saint-Jean-de-Luz (~50 people)

12.30pm           Lunch (taken and paid individually) at Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

2.30pm             Coach departs Saint-Jean-de-Luz bus station (opposite train station). Meet at Cimetière Marin, SOCOA-CIBOURE for Remembrance ceremony with laying of wreaths at the graves of Kattalin AGUIRRE and Florentino GOÏCOCHEA.

3.30pm             Coach departs for Bayonne.

4.30pm             Meet in front of the cimetière Saint-Léon, Bayonne and remembrance at the family grave of Edouard and Cyprienne DASSIE and « Lulu » SABOULARD.

5.30pm             Meet at the « RESIDENCE  COMETE (former Villa Voisin) », rue du Marquis Casa de Argudin, Anglet.

6.30pm             Remembrance Ceremony at the War Memorial, rue Albert Le Barillier, Anglet.

7pm                  Assemble in the entrance hall of the Town Hall, Anglet, facing the commemorative plaque for speeches by Mr Claude OLIVE, Mayor of ANGLET and Jean DASSIE, President, « Amis du Réseau COMETE », followed by a Vin d’Honneur in the Function Room.

8.15pm            Informal dinner at the L’AVANT SCENE restaurant, Place Quintaou, Anglet.

10pm                 Coach leaves for various accommodations at Anglet and Bayonne.

End of Friday’s programme.


Saturday 10th September 2016

8am           Coach departure (54 seats) from Bayonne (rue Thiers – opposite the De Gaulle car park behind the Town Hall), then another pick-up at rue Amédée Dufourg (in front of the Town Hall) at Anglet.

8.30am     Arrive at Anglet-Sutar, for departure of walkers. (light shoes  for walking on roads)

Visit to a maker of Makilas at Larressore (at 9.30am) for Veterans and followers.

(Walkers: Rest stop at Ustaritz for a snack break, provided by the Town Hall)

After the break, everyone leaves by coach for the Pont du Diable.

~1pm            At the « Pont du Diable », Larressore. Inauguration of the place of memory by the Mayor and visit the Maison des Passeurs at « Mandochineko Borda » and return to the “Pont du Diable” for an apéritif offered by the Town Hall.

2.30pm     Departure of coach and private vehicles to Espelette.

3pm           Buffet lunch at ACCOCEBERRY.

6.30pm     Ceremony at the War Memorial, Espelette in memory of the guides in the sector.

7pm           Vin d’Honneur provided by the Mayor of Espelette. Coach departs at ~7.45pm with walkers, veterans and followers to various accommodations at Bayonne and Anglet.

Sunday 11th September 2016

7.30am     Coach departure (54 seats) for all walkers from Bayonne (rue Thiers – opposite the De Gaulle car park behind the Town Hall), then another pick-up at rue Amédée Dufourg (in front of the Town Hall at Anglet for the Col d’Otxondo in Navarre.

(NB:  5 hours of difficult walking  – mountain shoes/boots strongly advised)

Coach (54 seats) returns to Bayonne/Anglet to pick up the veterans and followers.

8am           Walkers arrive at the parking space at the Col d’Otxondo ( + 4 kms on the route Napoléon), then transfer to mini-bus (22 seats) and private cars for Lauzeta.

(shuttle mini-bus to save time). Start of walk, descend for a visit to the legendary safe farm Jauriko Borda; then climb back up for the Chemin de Napoléon, Lizartzu, Antsestegi, Ojonxilo, old path of Otxondo-Gorramendi as far as the Col d’Izulegi. Descend to Kanttoreneko Borda (another safe farm), then towards Dorrekoborda before finishing at Amaiur. Return to the Place de l’Eglise, Maya del Baztan.

Any tired walkers will be picked up by the mini-bus, to take them to the meal at ARIZKUN.

10.30am       Coach (54 seats) departs from the centre of Bayonne, then Anglet, with the veterans & the followers, or Zugarramurdi and Urdax (for visits), then to Arizkun, to join up with the walkers.

2.30pm        Veterans, followers and walkers meet at Arizkun for a meal at all participants at ASADOR ORDOKI.

6pm              All participants return to their accommodations at Bayonne and Anglet via the coach and the mini-bus (54 & 22 seats), plus seats in private cars. End of the programme for the Commemoration 2016.

NB             Further information is available on the routes/paths used by Comet at our blog:


In order for the weekend to run smoothly, a coach will be provided for the participants to deliver them to/from the various start/finish points of our 3 day commemorative weekend. We also need to know the numbers expected at each meal.

* Friday 9th, at Anglet     * Saturday 10th, at  Accoceberry               *Sunday 11th, in Navarre

 IMPORTANT: it is kindly requested that you book your place by registering with the Treasurer by 20th August at the latest. (Address on Entry Form below) 

To ease our planning, no registrations or exemptions can be accepted after this date.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.



  • Formula n°1: 115€ = for the 3 days, including all three meals (Friday evening, Saturday midday and Sunday afternoon) plus all coach travel.
  • Formula n°2: 70€ = for the 2 days, including two meals (Saturday midday and Sunday afternoon) plus all coach travel.
  • Formula n°3: 30€ = for the Saturday only, including midday meal and all coach travel.
  • Formula n°4: 40€ = for the Sunday only, including lunch, and all coach travel.


–    + CARTE de MEMBRE 2017:   unchanged at 15€.


The coach cannot pick up anyone staying outside either Bayonne or Anglet.


Our region is a major tourist destination, and the season continues through September. Think about it – don’t wait too long to book a room. The organisers cannot make hotel reservations.  Make sure you select a hotel near one of the two pick-up points.