Frankton 75th Anniversary

A small group of 6 people  are planning to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Operation Frankton by retracing the route of Blondie HASSLER and Bill SPARKS. What makes this trip extra special is that it will include Bill’s son Terry SPARKS and his two grandsons, Richard and Mike HEARD. They intend to paddle the Gironde Estuary to Bordeaux and walk the 110 miles from Blaye to Ruffecc.  Some will know that Mary LINDELL, (Marie Clair Line) played a key role in helping the two Marines avoid capture by the Germans. The group intend to finish their expedition at the cafe where Mary first met the Marines in Ruffecc. The team are hoping that they will be able to trace any of Mary Lindell’s descendants who might be interested in meeting the team when they arrive at that cafe.

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