Tea In The Blitz

ELMS Newsletter 16 Dorothy Wakeley FANY / SOE In the summer of 1940, a stick of bombs was dropped near my home in an outer suburb of London. There were

The Men Who Never Forget

THE MEN WHO NEVER FORGOT During the first week in March in 1954, this was a headline that appeared in most British newspapers, both national and local, and as far

The Polish Escape Routes

THE POLISH ESCAPE ROUTES Rog Stanton There were Oflags and Stalags situated in Poland during WW2 from which many soldiers and airmen escaped. The Colditz escapers, and the Great Escape

The Two Pennies

After reading an article about an evader’s wartime story in a national newspaper a Dutch lady, living in England responded by ringing the newspaper, and asking for the name and

The Florentino Memorial

Newsletter 9 – 2006 By The Mayor of Hernani An Official Declaration of Recognition from the Hernani Town Council, Hernani, at the unveiling of the Memorial to Florentino and the

The Shelburn Escape Line

NEWSLETTER 4 – 2004 Roger Stanton On the 11th October 1942, a number of evaders had gathered at a deserted villa at Canet Plage near Perpignan. They were waiting for

The British Resistance

Newsletter 5 – 2005 Roger Stanton A number of years ago I came across, by chance, information on what was a British Resistance organisation, set up to counter the anticipated

The Forgotten Years – British Army Aid Group

NEWSLETTER 8 – 2006 RogEr Stanton Of those who have served in Hong-Kong since WW2, many will retain good memories of Tiger Balm Gardens, the Star Ferry, The Peak, Nathan

The Poles

Newsletter 20 – 2009 By John A Neal Sixty five years ago, I landed in France due to the attack of a German Fighter Pilot named Heinz Philipzig. For the

German Resistance

NEWSLETTER 6 – 2005 By Roger Stanton Members may be aware that Resistance to the Germans within Germany was particularly difficult. The Nazis had an intelligence system second to none.

One Day in the Life of a Typhoon Pilot

NEWSLETTER 15 – 2008 By Bob Barckley On the 2nd June 1943 I was asleep in my room in the Officers Mess at RAF West Malling in Kent. At 0600hrs

The Caterpillar Club

NEWSLETTER 3 – 2004 By Roger Stanton Many members will have noticed that some aircrew evaders wear a gold caterpillar badge. The badge indicates that the wearer is a member

Oradour Sur Glane – A Vision of Horror

NEWSLETTER 5 – 2005 By Roger Stanton Many evaders in France were given help and shelter in small villages hidden in the triangle of roads linking Limoges, Angouleme, and Poitiers

Honoured For Ever

NEWSLETTER 13 – 2007 By Ron Riding This article, by ELMS member Ron Riding, appeared in the Daily Mail Newspaper on 27th March 2007, in response to letters to that

Hidden Nazi Archives

NEWSLETTER 12 – 2007 By Roger Stanton After over sixty years of being hidden away, a long secret German Archive is now open to the public. The archive houses a