NEWSLETTER 5 – 2005 NEWSLETTER 22 – 2010 Golpak – “Number One Friend Belong Australia True” & “The School That Fell From The Sky” By Roger Stanton It all began

ELMS Tribute to Ken de Souza

NEWSLETTER 15-2008 ELMS pays Tribute in Italy to Ken de Souza By Ian de Souza As the pilot pulled the throttle back, the engines roared, and the Jumbo charged down

Captain Peter Baker

Newsletter No43. – 2017 Captain Peter Baker – MC, Croix De Guerre, Savoy Cross, Medaglia D’Oro WW2 took its toll on many of the nation’s soldiers when they returned home.

Frit Denmark

NEWSLETTER 13 – 2007 By Roger Stanton At 4am, on the 9th April 1940, without warning, German troops crossed the Danish border and invaded the small country of Denmark. They


NEWSLETTER 4 – 2004 By Roger Stanton The House of Alphonse is well known by the Brittany Resistance and by former veteran members of the Shelburn Escape Line in Brittany.


NEWSLETTER 3 – 2004 By Miarka (Prisoner no 46889) I escaped work. A morning ahead of me: to hide anywhere, to wash continuously, to be somewhere, or perhaps go on


NEWSLETTER 2 – 2003  By Roger Stanton This was one of the most daring raids of WW2.  On the night of 7 December 1942, ten RM Commandos, commanded by Major

The Glider Pilot Regiment

There are a variety of methods for inserting soldiers into battle in modern warfare, and some of these were developed during WW2. The Parachute Regiment was formed in 1940 on Churchill’s

The Dutch Paris Line

A Hard Mirror – The Dutch-Paris Story By Kurt Ganter, Chairman, Weidner Foundation Archives ( Thanks to Sherri Greene Ottis , “Major Escape Routes Through France, 1940-1945.” from her book,

Miranda De Ebro – The Spanish Concentration Camp

Daily Life At Miranda Del Ebro Concerntration Camp  By Maurice Chauvet (This is a reproduction of an article first published in Newsletter 3 in 2004) The arrival in Spain of

Escape From Stalag IVA Dresden

The following was written by ELMS member Geoffrey Spencer, 2 Royal Hampshire Regiment. Captured by Rommel’s Africa Corps in North Africa and following incarceration in POW camps in Italy and

Annual Commemoration of F Section, SOE, Valencay, France

On the 6th May every year since its unveiling in 1991, a ceremony  takes place in the town of Valencay in the department of Indre in France.  The ceremony is

The Long March

The Long March into Captivity– Summer 1940 In June 1940, after the withdrawal from Dunkirk, British troops left in France to cover the rearguard were the 51(Highland) Division, 1 Armoured